Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts Audit aims to identify vulnerabilities in security, code, or logic of your smart contract. High-quality external audit able to guarantee the reliability of your smart contracts and the whole project as well. This provides additional guarantees of the safety and security of funds and makes investors more confident and loyal to your project.

The result of the work would be a report that contains a description of errors, vulnerabilities, violations of logic, comments and solution proposals.

Why is it necessary to do

Your confidence in the safety of the project

Enhancing investor’s confidence and loyalty

Audit-necessary documents for listing a token on the stockexchange

Increasing of your rating on ICO trackers

A fresh look from the outside everytime is usefull

The audit helps to

identify code errors

identify vulnerabilities (e.g. buffer overflows in math operations)

check rights vulnerabilities of your smart contract

check rights and authorities of employees

check the logic of ICO

check the optimality of the code

Why us?

Technical support

Consulting and support form high technical specialists on all stages of your project

Real ICO projects experience

We have real successful experience of making and managing ICO projects using our solutions


All our solutions are tested on real projects and provide the security on all phases of your ICO

High experienced team

All responsible persons of the working group have real experience of at least several ICO projects


Fast development and implementation of our solutions

Easiness in future

After completion of all work, our specialists will train your employees how to use our solutions in correct way


We will adapt to Your working schedule

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