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Why us?

Technical support

Consulting and support form high technical specialists on all stages of your project

Real ICO projects experience

We have real successful experience of making and managing ICO projects using our solutions


All our solutions are tested on real projects and provide the security on all phases of your ICO

High experienced team

All responsible persons of the working group have real experience of at least several ICO projects


Fast development and implementation of our solutions

Easiness in future

After completion of all work, our specialists will train your employees how to use our solutions in correct way


We will adapt to Your working schedule


  • Client
    TrueFlip S.A.R.L with the most sophisticated set-up running in clustered mode and accepting the largest array of cryptocurrencies.
  • Client
    Cryptopay is a wallet and payment platform where merchants and consumers can make transactions with each other while also being backed by the new bitcoin payment protocol. We support Cryptopay ICO campaign with aim to develop Bitcoin Stock Brokerage, Bitcoin Bank Account and full stack blockchain fundraising platform.
  • Client
    Simdaq, technological platform created for cryptotrading democratisation and development, is using the system for conducting it’s ICO and has been extremely satisfied with our service.
  • Client is also using the product for its ICO and is also impressed with the stability of our product and are soon planning on passing to stage 2 where the product will be used for full-scale payment processing the same way used by TrueFlip S.A.R.L.
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